What are your best choices if you want to change your bike?

For two years now, we have all been living and hearing about the effects of the pandemic on the industries. With the ever-increasing demand and various global issues causing transportation delays, it’s relatively difficult to change your mountain bike and get a new one in time for the season. Fortunately, we’ve looked into the situation to find the best solutions for you, your wallet and your mountain biking season! 

Buy a frame and suspension kit

The ultimate option, in terms of speed and choice, is to buy a frame and suspension kit. If there is one production that has been the least affected, it is the production of frames. At least, frame production generates fewer suppliers than parts. For this reason, it is the fastest option since you keep your current parts still functional while changing your frame and rear suspension. 

If you change your frame while keeping your parts, you will not only have a new bike with a new “feel”, but you will also contribute to reducing your ecological footprint by using the parts of your current bike. Of the 3 choices, we consider this one to be the best for your wallet, for the environment and for your cycling season which will not be shortened by delivery delays.

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Order earlier

Of course, for this year, this method does not apply since the season starts in about two and a half months for some regions of Quebec, but with the delays we have been experiencing for the last two years, if you want to have your new bike for the beginning of the 2023 mountain bike season, you should think about it now!

Indeed, with the production delays, many parts manufacturers such as Shimano, Sram, Rockshox, etc. are pushing back the delivery dates for fall 2022. If we calculate shipping, assembly and receipt in store, you will have your bike just in time for the summer of 2023! 

In the past, we thought we were ahead of the game when we ordered our new bike in October… With the new reality, in the fall, it’s too late to order your new bike, it’s actually in the spring!

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Buy demo bikes

While browsing through the bike stores in Quebec, you have probably noticed that some stores offer rental bikes or demo bikes. Often, bikes are sold at the end of the season to change to the next year’s line.

Don’t hesitate to ask your local store if they offer this type of bike and if it is possible to leave your name to reserve one at the end of the season. That way, you won’t have to wait 12 months for your new mountain bike.

If you happen to come across demo events during the season, don’t hesitate to ask the representatives on site if they sell their demo bikes towards the end of the summer! You’ll often find higher end models that are often not used very often.

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